#101 and Done!

Way back in January, I started a new photo project for the new year (because sixty-four colors and my third year of Project 365 weren’t enough, simultaneously): Scavenger Hunt 101. When Pookie and Schnookie suggested it, I was really skeptical. There were a lot of items on this list (a child crying, someone meditating or […]


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a roundup of photos from the archives that match the week’s color for sixty-four colors. I think it’s mostly because there are so many crayons that are so similar, and I may have already posted old shots for those colors. Either way, this week’s color was red, […]


Blue is, as one of the original crayon colors, perhaps not as flashy as some of the newer additions. But it’s a classic, and I was surprised at how much true blue I found in my archives. I just love the richness of a real royal blue, maybe because you don’t find it too often. […]


Orange is and has almost always been my one true favorite color. I flirt with other favorite colors but when it comes down to it? I’m all about orange. Which is why I was surprised not only at how few photos I found in my archives last week when orange came up for sixty-four colors, […]


Oh, brown. You don’t have a fancy-sounding name as so many of the other crayons, and you’re tricky to photograph just like the purples. Way back when we did sepia and I compared it to brown, I intended to post a shot of the color of my hair for this week’s shot.. but when it […]


White was this week’s color for sixty-four colors, and admittedly, I was a little hesitant at the beginning of the week. It took an impromptu trip to the boardwalk in Asbury Park to spark my creative juices, but then, I always love taking pictures there. (Although I’m beginning to fear that I’ll soon reach the […]


Goldenrod is a funny color, because the crayon itself looks all boring and drab and dull… but then you color with it and it’s one of the cheeriest yellows out there. And yellow is one of my favorite colors to look for in the wild, even better that I already had sunflowers sitting on my […]


I was awfully excited while I was in New York City a few weekends ago, because I got a secret sneak preview of the week’s color because I was, you know, standing next to Jodi as she took her photo of the plum-colored door in Soho. I was also a bit reluctant, because the purple […]