Minibook: Shea Stadium

I signed up for Elise Blaha’s Get Crafty workshop, which started on Monday. Along the same lines as my kickstart photo project, I’m hoping this workshop will get me thinking in a crafty frame of mind again. I finished my first project last night, and I’m so happy with it… not just because I like […]

Oh, Shea Stadium.

I wasn’t going to write about this, because it’s bound to be very, very long and overly sentimental, the same old refrain you always get from me when I talk about baseball lately, not to mention the fact that when it comes to the internet and sports, if you wait longer than a day to […]

Love Affair

The first time I caught a glimpse of Shea Stadium through the windows of the 7 train, I shivered. And got all teary. The second time, too. Every time since then? I crane my neck, waiting for that first peek, all thoughts of the endless train rides to get to this point forgotten. And yeah, […]

Rainout at Shea.

I went out to Shea Stadium on Saturday, expecting to see the Mets play the Rangers. My parents, Lindsey, James, John and I were all decked out in our Mets gear (hats, tshirts, jerseys galore) and we took the train to the game. I’ve never been to a game with my parents, so I had […]