July 21, 2008

About me
My name is Elizabeth. I drink a lot of tea. I like wearing shirts with stripes, and I probably like it when you wear shirts with stripes, too. I am a sucker for coffee mugs and for office supplies (favorites include post-it notes and pens). I like baseball. I enjoy SAT words, very bad jokes, and the UK. I read a lot of books and I listen to a lot of music. Photography is one of my favorite things. In May 2007, I finally completed my Masters in Library and Information Science. I’m now working as a reference librarian. The rest you can find out by just reading the rest of the stuff on this site. You can email me at throwingwaffles [at] gmail [dot] com.

About this site
I registered throwingwaffles.com in 2005 after having a standard-issue blogger site for about two years. I finally deleted those archives (although I have them printed in book form) because I now tend to find it very annoying to read stuff I wrote back then. Before that I had a less interesting but more broad in scope website while I was in college. That site has been retired to my USB drive, and there it shall remain. Every once in a while I decide I hate most of what I’ve written, but I can never stay away too long.

What the hell does “throwing waffles” mean?

NBC used to have a show called “Ed.” It was canceled in 2004 after four years. I watched it during its first season and part of the second. The basic premise was that Ed was a high-power corporate attorney type until he walked in on his wife in bed with the mailman. He then decided to move back to his hometown of Stuckeyville (AKA Smalltown, USA) where he ends up buying a bowling alley and running it along with a law practice. The storyline (at least for the first season when I watched it, primarily) centered around Ed and his undying, unrequited love for Carol, who was a cheerleader (the foil to his shy nerdy guy) when they were both in high school. He was constantly doing off the wall things (like showing up wearing a knight suit) to try to get her to go out with him, despite the fact that she had been dating the same guy for seven years.

In one episode early in the first season that I still can’t forget several years later, Carol was making breakfast (toaster waffles) for her live-in boyfriend. For whatever reason, the urge struck her to throw the waffle at him as he sat at the kitchen table. She stopped, though, and realized with a jolt that she couldn’t throw the waffle at him, and ended up breaking up with him because of this realization. It was evidence of a larger problem: she couldn’t be herself around him and was afraid he would think she was a moron for throwing a waffle at him.

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but this just spoke to me. It somehow said in a clever way what I have been trying to convey forever. Of course she wanted to be with someone at whom she could throw a waffle. It made perfect sense to me. It still does. Throwing waffles is important. And silly. And dorky. (And therefore perfect!).

(PS.. the episode ended as Carol sat in her now empty house contemplating what she’d done and mourning the end of such a long relationship, and she heard this repetitive “thud” coming from outside. She looked out the second story window only to find Ed in her front yard– throwing waffles at her house.)