One of Several Crazy Ideas I’ve Had Lately

One of my new coworkers, who is also spearheading a new Wellness Team for the library staff members, dropped a challenge on the rest of us just in time for the holidays. She recently learned about a book called the Engine 2 Diet, and since it involves a 28 day challenge, and there are 28 days sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, she threw down the gauntlet. Or, well, really she just said she’s going to be giving E2 a go, and invited anyone who was interested to join her, in an effort to avoid the annual holiday Season of Eating side effects.

So it seemed like doing anything crazy for 28 days would be possible, so I signed up. And then I learned more about the diet, namely that it’s sort of like vegan+, in that there’s no meat, fish, dairy, white/processed grains, or oils. And since I don’t really cook or eat very much meat anymore (and have been wondering about becoming a vegetarian for quite some time, no matter what most of my friends and family say), and my mild lactose intolerance means that I don’t eat all that much dairy, it seemed like it would be doable.

And then I thought about it some more, and realized that really? If I’m being honest? I mostly eat carbs. White, processed carbs. And cheddar cheese. And burritos. AKA not too many whole grains, real-life vegetables, or healthy foods. And now I’m not so sure about the whole idea.

It will be a challenge, for sure, but I also think that it will probably force me to learn that it’s a lot less difficult to eat more whole foods and less meat and dairy than I think it is. So I’m going to try it. I’m not going to kill myself over it (I’m surely not going to avoid beer for the entire month! And I’m surely not going to avoid whatever cheesy appetizers we’ll eat in the city celebrating Pete’s birthday! and if I want to roast some vegetables with olive oil, come ON…) but I think it will be interesting. And if I get a little healthier in the process, well, that would be kinda nice too.

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