Completed: 27 Things Minibook

So back on my 27th birthday, I wrote a list of 27 Things to Do While I Was 27. Yesterday, I finished the minibook I’ve been working on for a few months documenting my progress through the list. Having a list of goals for the year, some silly, others more serious, has been a lot of fun. I didn’t finish everything on the list, and that’s okay. I’m really proud of this little book, and I’m sure I’ll love having it when I’m older as a time capsule chronicling my 27th year.

Because it’s more fun to see the book in person, I’m only posting photos of my very favorite pages here. I blogged about the minibook a few months ago, though, and you can see a few more pages over there. These minibooks are quite possibly the most fun thing to make ever.

27 Minibook: complete!

04. Wear more wacky socks. 05. Give vegetarianism a solid go.

16. Go to as many baseball games as possible.

16. Go to as many baseball games as possible.

16. Go to as many baseball games as possible. 17. Finish that cross stitch for my mom.

19. Do something scary. (film photography!)

21. Love my old friends, and my new ones, too.

21. Love my old friends, and my new ones, too.

22. Go somewhere I've never been before. (Brooklyn) 23. Swing on some swings.

26. Find more bad jokes. 27. Grow up. Don't grow up. Age is just a number. Be confident, and humble, and patient, and kind. And nerdy.

27, I sure liked you. But here's to an even better 28.

27 Minibook: back cover.

4 thoughts on “Completed: 27 Things Minibook

  1. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out! What a fabulous project — it’s such a clever way to get to commemorate your already fabulous idea of the lists of things to do during your year. You’re so creative, and this turned out so well! It’s awesome!! (And, again, happy birthday! I gotta say, 28’s a pretty good age. I hope you enjoy it! :D)

  2. This really is a cool idea. Make sure you hang on to this for as long as you can. It will be so cool to pull it out and look at it several years down the road…

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