Minibook: 27 Things

Back in July, I wrote a list of 27 Things to Do While I’m 27. This week, I started working on a minibook to chronicle each of the items on that list. I’ve been writing about them here (sometimes), but I love the idea of having a tactile record of this year.

The thing is, though, that this was entirely inspired by Elise Blaha’s similar list, which I saw referenced on another craft blog I read (although I can’t even remember which one). When I first saw Elise’s list, I was reeled in right away. I already had the list written, and even better, I’ve been wanting to stretch my creativity in different ways. And honestly? I think scrapbooking in its traditional sense is a little hokey, but Elise’s minibooks are scrapbooks that appeal to me much more… they’re organized but not overly so, full of nice paper, and heavily feature photos. So I signed up for her April Get Crafty workshop, and I’m loving the results of putting her ideas into motion.

Here are the first few pages I’ve been working on (click through to flickr for more details and links to the original blog posts!).

27 Things minibook: the start

27 Things minibook: the list

27 Things minibook: #1

27 Things minibook: #7

27 Things minibook: #7

27 Things minibook: #9

27 Things minibook: #9 and #12

27 Things minibook: #12

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