Story of a Morning

The alarm goes off, I snooze. The backup “no really it’s time to wake up now” alarm goes off, I snooze. I have a mildly upsetting dream involving a long car ride and some girl trying to steal my boyfriend. I wake up, peeved. I look at the clock.

HOLY SHIT IT IS 8:00. One full hour after I normally wake up, and 25 minutes before the very last minute I can leave the apartment and still get to work on time.

I take the quickest shower of my entire life. (Family, take note: it took eight minutes! I CAN take short showers!) I run around like a crazy person, because tea is required even if I am late. I wear the moderately questionable outfit I had planned, because I have neither the time nor the brain power to come up with something better. I blow dry my hair until it is sort of dry and throw it up into a lumpy ponytail.

I ghetto iron the collar and button placket of my shirt WITH MY STRAIGHTENING IRON. The one for my hair. It looks pretty good.

I am out the door by 8:30am. I get to work five minutes early. I think I am still sleeping when I get there, but I am there. What just happened?

3 thoughts on “Story of a Morning

  1. I hate, hate, hate it when I wake up late. Fortunately it takes me 15-20 minutes from cozy bed to being in the car and on the road. I love that you live so much closer to work than me, and yet you get up 45 minutes earlier! Also, that hair ironing problem solving is very impressive!

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