Twenty Seven Things To Do While I’m 27 (In No Certain Order)

  1. Learn how to identify more constellations. (I KNOW there’s more out there than the Big Dipper and Orion.)
  2. Run three miles. Without stopping.
  3. Slow down.
  4. Wear more wacky socks.
  5. Give vegetarianism a solid go, rather than just talking about it.
  6. Write more.
  7. Learn how to cook something I can love as much as I love the chili.
  8. Love bigger.
  9. Go to a concert.
  10. Kiss someone.
  11. Fit into those damn skinny jeans.
  12. Like my car more, and stop wishing it was the one I crashed.
  13. Start using my patio. (Neighbors are not as scary as they might seem.)
  14. Master Guitar Hero on Hard. (Orange button be damned!)
  15. Have people over.
  16. See as many baseball games as possible.
  17. Finish the cross stitches for my mom.
  18. Tell people that they’re important to me.
  19. Do something scary.
  20. Allow myself to be who I am, in brilliant color.
  21. Love my old friends, and my new ones, too.
  22. Go somewhere I’ve never been before.
  23. Swing on some swings.
  24. Buy awesome shoes. (But not too many.)
  25. Worry a tiny bit less.
  26. Find more bad jokes. (But don’t EVER stop telling the old ones. They are still funny, no matter what anyone says.)
  27. Grow up. Don’t grow up. Age is just a number. Be confident, and humble, and patient, and kind. And nerdy.

15 thoughts on “Twenty Seven Things To Do While I’m 27 (In No Certain Order)

  1. thanks, dudes!! I’m hoping the list is things that I can actually accomplish. And don’t worry, I will totally share the bad jokes. I can’t help myself. 🙂

  2. Absolutely….Just go for it! I’m enjoying your photos and sure you don’t know who I am. Ask Garrison…. he’ll know. Keep the photos coming!

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